BOSCH Display NYON NYON 2018

BOSCH Display NYON NYON 2018
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BOSCH Display NYON NYON 2018

NYON RETROFIT KIT Nyon display with 8GB storage capacity in colored retail packaging, including display holder, control unit and 3 x 4 rubber spacers (31.8 mm, 25.4 mm, 22.2 mm)

Retrofit product for the end customer

- All-in-one on-board computer with ride, navigation, fitness, and smartphone functionality

- Can be retrofitted to all eBikes with Bosch drives starting from model year 2014

- Separate control unit ensures safe riding

- Robust waterproof display that provides excellent legibility in any light Nyon uses easy GPS navigation, same as in a car.

- Nyon routing is free of charge all over the world.

- Five riding modes available (Eco, Tour, Sport, Turbo, Off) plus walk assistance

- All ride information at a glance: range, trip distance and average speed

- Compatible with eShift